Members can get involved in helping us to elect our governors and receive information and attend events to help shape and develop services in the Trust. Anyone aged 11 years old and over who has an interest in the work of CWP can become a member of the Trust.

Having a large and vibrant membership helps us to:

  • ensure that there is local involvement in different aspects of service development
  • challenge the stigma associated with mental illness, learning disabilities and drug and alcohol problems
  • have a bigger ‘voice’ to support further investment in the services we provide

If you become a member of CWP, you are helping to support a wide variety of local services, including Adult Mental Health Services, Substance Misuse Services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Learning Disability Services and Physical Health Services.

You will have the opportunity to get involved in the decisions we make and to influence the way in which we plan and develop our services. Members can work with us to inform us of their needs and of the services our local communities would like us to deliver.