The publication scheme is a complete guide to the information routinely published by CWP. It is a description of the information about our Trust which we make publicly available. We will review the scheme at regular intervals and monitor how it is operating.

It is important to us that this scheme meets your needs and we have designed it to be a route map so that you can find information about us easily.

Who we are and what we do

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP) was formed in 2002 and achieved Foundation Trust status in 2007. We provide health and care services for local people, including mental health, learning disability, community physical health and all-age disability care – including the provision of three GP surgeries. 

We have services across Wirral and Cheshire, as well as Trafford, Warrington, Bolton, Halton and Liverpool. We also provide specialist services for the Northwest as a whole. 

Our services are provided in partnership with commissioners, local authorities, voluntary and independent organisations, people who access our services, their carers and families. The Trust has over 14,500 members and employs more than 4000 staff across 62 sites, serving a population of over 1 million people and highly specialist services for 2 million.

We provide integrated care in the community and within inpatient settings based on best practice and outcomes, working closely with the people who access our services and their carers to provide person-centred care for all. Our services are developed and led by clinical staff. We strive for clinical excellence by ensuring there is a framework to deliver quality improvements, making sure that safe and effective care results in positive outcomes.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors ensures that the services the Trust provides are evidence based, safe, underpinned by quality and are delivered in a cost-effective way in order to meet the needs of patients, carers, partner organisations and the wider community. In doing so the Board of Directors ensures that the Trust complies with its Terms of Authorisation and all statutory obligations. The Board of Directors comprises the Chairman, Chief Executive, five independent Non‐Executive Directors, five voting Executive Directors and one non‐voting Executive Director.

The Directors have collective responsibility for setting strategic direction and providing leadership and governance.

Appointment of Non-Executive Directors

Non-Executive Directors are appointed by the Council of Governors for a term of three years, at the end of this period Non-Executive Directors are eligible for re-appointment up to a maximum of nine years. Other terms and conditions of appointment such as remuneration are the responsibility of the Council of Governors as detailed in the Trust’s Constitution.

Contact Details:
Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Trust Headquarters
Countess of Chester Health Park
Liverpool Road

Redesmere Switchboard
Telephone number: 01244 397397

What we spend and how we spend it

For the financial year 2015/16, CWP is estimating an income of £160,000,000. The majority of this funding is provided through our contracts with NHS commissioners across Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

The Director of Finance leads the finance function and has corporate responsibility for overseeing the Trust's finances. The Trust board receives monthly updates on the financial position of the organisation, and makes decisions regarding the allocation of these resources.

The Trust Board of Director meetings

The board as a whole is responsible for managing the Trust finances, approving budgets and formally receiving the annual accounts. The board receives monthly financial information and makes all material financial decisions such as capital investment plans etc.

Audit committee

The Audit Committee meets on a by-monthly basis to review all audits, counter fraud measures and "value for money” reviews that are undertaken in the Trust. The Audit Committee is comprised of Non-Executive Directors and also attended by Trust Senior Managers as well as Trust internal and external auditors.

The Audit Committee also receives the Trust’s annual accounts.

The Quality Committee

The Quality Committee is responsible for ensuring that that the strategic priorities for quality improvement are identified, implemented and monitored. The Quality Committee is the committee responsible for monitoring strategic risks within the organisation (with accountability resting with the Audit Committee).  This committee meets every two months. The Quality Committee is comprised of Board of Directors, senior managers and chaired by a Non-Executive Director.

Operational Committee

The Operational Committee meets on a monthly basis to review and monitor the operational performance of the Trust, the proposed annual financial plans and the financial performance. Additionally, oversees the development of the Trust’s strategy and delivery of the operational strategic plans, including locality operational risks.

Its membership includes, Executive, Clinical, Service and Associate Directors, as well as General Managers, involvement representatives and staff side representatives.

  • Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit.
  • Annual statement of accounts, financial audit reports, funding (including endowment funds) and senior staff pay and grading
  • Capital programme (please contact the FOI Officer by emailing
  • Details of contracts currently tendered (please contact the FOI Officer by emailing

What are our priorities and how are we doing

Our vision is "Leading in partnership to improve health and well-being by providing high quality care."

We have adopted the 6Cs as our Trust values:

  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Competence
  • Communication
  • Courage
  • Commitment

Annual Report and Accounts

Operational Plans

Quality Accounts

CQC Report

Performance against targets (KPI) / performance framework (please contact the FOI Officer by emailing

How we make decisions

The Trust’s vision and values is at the centre of all decisions made at CWP.

Board papers – agenda, supporting papers and minutes

Council of Governors Meetings

Corporate Governance Manual

Public consultation documents (please contact the FOI Officer for papers by emailing

Our policies and procedures

All our current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivery our services and responsibilities can be found in the policies section of this website.

Lists and registers

List of main contractors /suppliers (please contact the FOI Officer by emailing
Protected assets list (please contact the FOI Officer by emailing

Register of interests
Register of Gifts and Hospitality

The services we offer

Information about the services we offer, including leaflets, guidance and newsletters.

Services provided by CWP
Patient information leaflets 
Easy to read Patient information leaflet
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